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Mon-Sun 7am–6pm

Why Should You Choose Cloud10 As Your Car Wash in Colmar, PA?

Our cars are our pride and joy. We spend almost as much time in them as we do in our homes and, just like our homes, we want them to be clean and beautiful. At Cloud10 Car Wash in Colmar, PA, we are proud to help our customers keep their vehicles looking their best at all times. Our quick, hassle-free car wash makes your exterior vehicle maintenance a breeze and keeps our customers coming back for more. Our convenient location provides easy, eco-friendly car wash services to you seven days a week. There is no reason to be seen in a dingy car when you have a Cloud10 Car Wash so close by.

Monthly Car Wash Memberships

Our customers at Cloud10 enjoy the convenience of monthly car wash memberships that keep their cars looking gorgeous every day. With our variety of plan options, you choose the plan that fits your needs at the price that fits your budget. It’s as easy as that. Every time you visit the car wash, you get in and out quickly and easily. Once you give us a try, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of you, especially since our monthly plans allow you to wash every day! 

Fleet Car Wash Services 

The vehicles your employees use to take care of your clients are more than just transportation. They are advertisements for your company. You want them to shine because showing your customers that you care about every little aspect of your business also shows them how meticulous you will be in meeting their needs. Our fleet service plans take the worry out of this task for you and your employees.

About Our Eco-Friendly Car Wash Process

Conservation of our environment is part of our mission here at Cloud10 Car Wash. Because of this, we are proud to be a part of Water Savers International Car Wash Association, which sets strict guidelines for water conservation and preventing pollution to our waterways by using eco-friendly chemicals and detergents. It is important to us to take care of the world we live in for ourselves and for future generations, by operating as an environmentally friendly business.

Cloud 10 Car WashCloud10 Car Wash – 262 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA 18915