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Eco-Friendly Car Washing Tips – How an Automatic Car Wash Does It Better Than DIY

You may be an auto aficionado, or perhaps you just love your car. And why shouldn’t you?Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments At the same time, you care about the planet and the environment, and you know that washing your vehicle at home wastes water and puts potentially dangerous chemicals into our precious ecosystem.

This doesn’t have to be an internal battle. The solution is simple. You need to stop washing your vehicle at home, and opt for the more responsible solution of a commercial car wash. Better yet…a car wash that is environmentally responsible, and uses EPA approved soaps, detergents, and conditioners. Consider these eco-friendly car wash tips in the future care of your automobile.

Save Water By Going to an Eco Friendly Car Wash

Water usage is one of the biggest impacts washing your car at home has on the environment. All the water that you use to wash your car either enters the surrounding soil directly, or gets funneled into storm drains, eventually making its way into rivers, lakes, streams, and other waterways. The water is contaminated by cleaning products, gasoline, motor oil, exhaust residue, and even heavy metals like zinc and copper. These contaminants can wreak havoc on the home of fish and aquatic life in these delicate ecosystems.

Many people are fooled by the misconception that washing their cars at home uses less water than a car wash. Car washes are the most environmentally friendly way to wash a car. Most commercial car washes use high pressure spray nozzles, which utilize water much more efficiently. In many cases, the water is collected in drains and recycled, which is impossible to do at home. In instances where the water is not recycled, federal law requires car washes to drain their wastewater into a sewer system, so that it is processed and cleaned before contaminants can reach waterways.

Automatic Car Washes Save You Time and Money

Car washing at home is a tedious chore; you must buy all of the products you intend to use, gather your hose and spray nozzles, spend a great deal of time cleaning the car, and then clean everything up and put it away after use. It is much easier and cost efficient to use the tools and products at your fingertips at an automatic car wash. Monthly car wash passes are an ideal option. They eliminate the need to sit at the kiosk, deciding on which wash to pick. They are also a great option to help you save money. When you wash your car several times a week, individual car wash payments add up. A monthly car wash membership is much more cost-effective and allows you to wash your car everyday if you like for one affordable price. .

If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, these plans are perfect for keeping your vehicles , and your image, sparkling clean. Potential customers notice when a company vehicle is clean or dirty, and it changes their opinion of your entire operation. Fleet car wash plans, like those we offer at Cloud10 Car Wash, make it easy and inexpensive to have the best looking fleet in town.

Complete and Professional Car Wash Services

When you wash your car at home, you never truly get that “car wash clean” experience. Many people don’t even use soaps that are formulated to wash and protect the exterior of their car. This can lead to damages to the wax and clear coat on the car. Oftentimes, people wash their car in direct, bright sunlight. This can burn spots in the vehicle’s paint.

When you take your car to the car wash, you get an array of important services from underbody washing, to tire shine, and protective waxesYou can also trust that the car wash uses the best products to clean your car effectively. All of the worries about what products to use and how to correctly apply them disappear when you trust a car wash to get the job done right.

Cloud10 Car Wash proudly offers our customers affordable ceramic sealant services. This protective coating actually penetrates the pores of the exterior coating and fuses nanoparticles into the paint. This increases the surface tension of the paint job and its resistance to chemical etching.

A Car Wash Plan for Every Budget

At Cloud10, we know that everyone’s car wash needs are different, and that some budget more for car wash services than others. For this reason, we offer an array of car wash memberships for our valued customers. Our monthly wash plans will save you money and time as you enjoy the convenience of washing your car routinely. We are a respected car wash in the communities we enter from Connecticut to Florida, to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We always strive to give premium, hassle free washes you can be proud of.

Cloud10 can tailor your business fleet plan to meet your specific needs. We provide you with the controls you need to manage your business fleet expenses, while doing our part to protect the environment.

If you are concerned about the environment, but still like to keep your car looking its best, allow Cloud10 Car Wash to ease your mind. We are a proud member of Water Savers, which is a program the International Car Wash Association uses to recognize environmentally friendly car wash businesses. A big part of our mission is to conserve water and prevent pollution in every way that we can. Take a look at our wash and fleet plans today and select the package that is perfect for you. We will be happy to get you set up with a plan that meets your needs and helps you keep your car shiny and clean, while saving you time, money, and unnecessary damage to the earth.

Cloud 10 Car WashEco-Friendly Car Washing Tips – How an Automatic Car Wash Does It Better Than DIY