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Your Complete Guide to Ceramic Car Sealant Treatments

Most car owners want to do everything they can to keep their vehicles looking their best. While regular visits to Cloud10 Car Wash can keep the grime of the road at bay and help keep cars looking their best, a little extra protection can go a long way. If you have ever heard of ceramic car coating, you might assume that this is a service reserved for high-end luxury cars and expensive sports cars. While owners of these vehicles are typically willing to spend as much as they need to keep them looking like they just rolled off the factory line, the reality is that any car benefits from additional surface protection, and it doesn’t need to cost $2,000 per treatment.

Affordable ceramic car protection indeed exists, and vehicle owners who visit Cloud10 car wash can enjoy Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant liquid application with their car wash, ensuring their vehicles look their best while also affording them extra protection against the elements. Make your car look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks to do it. From single cars to fleet services, Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant will transform the look of your vehicle.

Common Myths About Ceramic Car Coating and Ceramic Sealant

The most common myth circulating about ceramic car coating is that it is only worth paying for if you own a very expensive car. Before you drop thousands of dollars at a ceramic car coating service, you should understand what you’re buying and how to add value to your car with ceramic car coating. Ultimately, it can reduce cleaning and maintenance requirements for any vehicle, from a high-end luxury coupe to a family SUV.

No matter what kind of car your drive, the sun can wreak havoc on your car without proper protection. While ceramic car coating may seem like the only choice, Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant offers similar protection but at a fraction of the price. You can have your car treated with Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant every time you have it washed at a Cloud10 Car Wash.
Most of the misinformation that circulates about ceramic car coating pertains to the cost of conventional ceramic car coating services. So how much does it cost to get your car ceramic coated? The price ultimately depends on the size of your vehicle and the level of permanence you expect. High-end ceramic car coating will not require monthly reapplications, but you won’t be able to drive your car for 24 to 48 hours following application and the treatment will only last two or three years at most.

Ceramic treatment is not completely necessary, and the several-thousand-dollar cost of ceramic car coating every few years can add up tremendously over time. However, it can be tempting if you want to protect your vehicle’s paint as much as possible. Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant offers comparable results at a very small fraction of the price of ceramic coating, and reapplication is as easy and quick as coming to Cloud10 Car Wash to have your vehicle cleaned.

How Does Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant Treatment Work?

Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant is an additional protective layer that bonds to your vehicle’s paint. This prevents harmful substances from bonding to and damaging your paint, keeping your vehicle looking like new for longer. One of the ways Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant accomplishes this is due to its hydrophobic nature; it naturally repels water, causing it to bead easily and drip away. This makes it much more difficult for dirt and other particles to bond to the vehicle’s paint.
So, is Simoniz Ceramic Sealant good for your car?, Yes, It protects your vehicle against much more than just dirt and grime. It also helps protect paint against oxidation from sun exposure, water spotting, and chemical staining. These benefits also come with increased ease of cleaning thanks to the coating’s hydrophobic nature. Cleanings are more effective and faster thanks to this factor, ultimately saving you money and time down the road

Many drivers think of ceramic car sealant as the best car wax; it functions very similarly, but it lasts much longer, doesn’t require frequent application, and protects the vehicle against a wider range of issues. Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant makes it easy to maintain a protective ceramic layer on your vehicle without spending thousands of dollars every few years. You can drive home in your vehicle immediately after treatment, , unlike more expensive ceramic car coating that leaves you without a vehicle for a few days.

Benefits of Ceramic Car Sealant for Your Vehicle

Is ceramic car sealant worth it? Many drivers wonder if the benefits of this protective layer justify the cost. Sometimes, vehicles sustain paint damage that may go undetected for quite a long time. If a small area of a car’s paint starts to corrode, oxidize, or etch over time, more moisture and dirt particles will affect the area and work through the layers of the paint into the body of the vehicle, potentially causing damage. This not only looks bad but is expensive to repair.

Ceramic car sealant can certainly make your vehicle more beautiful. It increases the reflective surface and makes the color of your paint “pop” more under the light. Even if you’re not terribly concerned about the appearance of your vehicle, Simoniz Ceramic Sealant is a fantastic option for virtually any kind of vehicle that’s much more affordable than conventional ceramic car coating treatments. Making your vehicle shine and more resilient against dirt, grime, and paint damage doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars when you invest in a Cloud10 Car Wash Monthly Pass .

Cloud10 Car Wash’s Simoniz Ceramic Sealant

You may already know that you can depend on Cloud10 Car Wash for our affordable fleet services , wide range of car wash plans, and our commitment to being an eco-friendly car wash But did you know we also provide Simoniz Ceramic Sealant at a fraction of the price of typical ceramic car coating treatments? Some ceramic coating services may charge $2,000 or more for a single treatment, and you’ll need to plan for two to three days of being unable to use your vehicle following these treatments.

If you’ve already noticed the value of a car wash monthly plan at Cloud10 Car Wash, why not trust us to handle your ceramic sealant as well? Depending on your wash plan, you can enjoy Simoniz Ceramic Sealant with every car wash. Our best value is the Fusion 10+ Wash Plan, which will allow you to maintain a Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant layer on your vehicle with easy reapplication every wash. We strive to be the best car wash possible by providing our customers with as much value as possible with every wash.

There’s more to car maintenance than just washing and waxing your exteriors. If you’re interested in seeing what Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant can do for your vehicle, visit us at one of our locations and see the difference for yourself.

Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant is not just for people with expensive luxury cars; it’s for everyone. Every Cloud10 Car Wash member can take advantage of this incredible technology at an affordable price, extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s paint and providing you with great long-term value. The best part is you can reapply your Simoniz® Ceramic Sealant every time you visit Cloud10 Car Wash for consistent, lasting, and reliable protection for your vehicle.

Cloud 10 Car WashYour Complete Guide to Ceramic Car Sealant Treatments