Wash Catalogue

What Makes A Good Wash?

At Cloud10 Car Wash, we only use premium chemicals in every wash. See how each of our treatments works to help protect your vehicle.

SIMONIZ®️ Ceramic SealantTM
Protects the vehicle’s surface from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and can slow down the process of oxidation substantially

SIMONIZ®️ Vision ClearTM
Helps rain and water move away from the windshield quickly, aids in visual acuity and driving in all weather conditions

This Brazilian carnauba wax is the ultimate wax treatment for all paint finishes

SIMONIZ®️ Clear Coat
Temporary protection to provide gloss and shine, safe for all finishes

Ultra Foam Bath
Your vehicle is bathed in high quality foam detergent that helps loosen soils and dirt from the vehicle’s finishes

SIMONIZ®️ Triple Foam
Cleans and conditions exterior painted surfaces, and adds a great show to your car wash!

Tire Shine
Helps prevent cracking, fading, and hardening of your tires, and also helps revitalize rubber while leaving a rich shine

Wheel Brite
Removes brake dust and makes wheels look and stay new, a must have for every wash

Underbody Wash
Removes loose soil, sand, salt, and other contaminants that may harm the bottom of your vehicle and wheel wells

Cloud 10 Car WashWash Catalogue