Wash Catalogue

Wash Options

Fusion bath- Your vehicle is bathed in high quality foam detergent that helps loosen soils and dirt from the vehicle’s finishes.

Simoniz Hot Wax- This Brazilian carnauba wax is the ultimate wax treatment for all paint finishes.

Tire Shine- Glosses and shines tires.

Glass Protect- Helps rain and water move away from the windshield quickly, aids in visual acuity and driving in all weather conditions.

Triple Foam Polish- Cleans and conditions exterior painted surfaces, and adds a great show to your car wash!

Wheel Brite- Removes brake dust and makes wheels look and stay new. A must have for every wash.

Under Body Wash- Removes loose soil, sand, salt, and other contaminants that may harm the bottom of your vehicle and wheel wells.

Clear Coat Sealer- Temporary protection to provide gloss and shine, safe for all finishes .

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